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April 6, 2022 - Text Feed

Text Feed Minutes

April 6, 2022

8:34 P.M.

Council Member Rex Pearson Sent out a text in regards to the ARPA premium pay.

Council Member Rex Pearson: My thoughts give all police that worked through the pandemic and Bob $2500.00 and be done with it. We should be looking at water mains that need replaced.

Clerk-Treasurer Pamela Bennett stated that that was a good ideal.

Council Vice President Jerry Lietz: I’m with you. Don’t see the need for offices bonuses, especially since they were closed during the worst of it. Good plan.

Clerk-Treasurer Pamela Bennett: Just a reminder. No one else can comment through test. That would make this a meeting. At this point I don’t care what you all decide. I have too much. I don’t understand why people can’t be grateful for what they’re getting. I do like Rex’s idea. Thank you, guys!

Council Member Michael Johnson: I think we need to have a meeting to discuss this.

Council President Cameron Emond: How does the 19th work for everyone?

Council Member Michael Johnson: Prefect

Clerk-Treasurer Pamela Bennett: Ok with me if it’s ok with all of you. I’ll put a sign on the door.

Council Member Rex Pearson: That’s good

Council Vice President Jerry Lietz: Good For me

Clerk-Treasurer Pamela Bennett: okey dokey. I’ll take care of things on my end. Is this going to be Council only so that you can talk freely?

Council Member Michael Johnson: Yes.

Text feed ended.

It was decided the next day that this would be an open meeting. Council President Cameron Emond called Clerk-Treasurer Pamela Bennett.

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