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Town of Wolcott Departments are governed by the Town Council. Those Departments are Water & Street, Waste Water, Fire, Ambulance, Police and Parks.

The Clerk-Treasurer is Pamela Bennett, the Deputy Clerk is Abigail Ewen, and the Utility Clerk is Breanna Wood.

Wolcott Town Council

Wolcott's Town Council consists of 5 members that are At Large electees.  The term of office is 4 years and begins on January 1st following the election. Within that group is a Council elected President and Vice President.


Town Council Meetings are held on the 1st Tuesdays of the Month at 6:00 pm at the Town Hall.  The public is invited to attend.


The current Council President is Cameron Emond, Vice President Jerry Lietz, Council Member's Michael Johnson, Rex Pearson, and Darwin Miller.

Water & Street

The Town of Wolcott's Water & Streets Superintendent is Bob Thomas.


Water Service Application


Utility Request for Sewer Adjustment

Contact: Mr. Robert Thomas, Water Superintendent
Address:101 West North Street, PO Box 38, Wolcott, IN 47995
Phone: 219-863-8758

Waste Water

The Town of Wolcott's Waste Water Superintendent is John Emond.


Contact: Mr. Jeff Province, Waste Water Superintendent
Address:101 West North Street, PO Box 38, Wolcott, IN 47995
Phone: 219-208-9001


Please DO NOT flush wipes. The following are NOT bio-degradable and will clog the sewer pumps: 

  • Diapers (including cloth, cotton, disposable, or plastic)

  • Flushable, disposable cleaning or baby wipes

  • Paper towels, cloth towels, or any type of rag

  • Feminine hygiene products

  • Facial tissues

Even if they state they are flushable, in most cases it will clog your plumbing and cause costly repairs. Putting these items down your toilets may plug the sewer and cause raw sewage to back up into YOUR HOME. Place the items listed in a trash can.



The Wolcott Community Park is located on the north end of town. This large and beautiful community space has a ball diamond for league baseball and a lovely paved walking path which goes through the park.


A heated and air conditioned community building is available for rent. Also available is an enclosed park shelter. In addition, there is a nice gazebo in the park, which makes a picturesque setting for weddings and band concerts. Nice restroom facilities are located in the park.

A large playground set invites young children to enjoy constructive play in the great outdoors.


Reserve a Park Facility

The cost for the large community room is $125.

The cost for the enclosed shelter is $25.


Reservations can be made by contacting the Park Superintendent, Kim Hensler at 219-279-2986. 


Park Board Members are:

  1. Lori Bussell, President

  2. Andrea Gretencord, Member

  3. Matt Hall, Member

  4. Jeff LeBeau, Member


The Park Board hold their meetings on the second Tuesday of the month. Their meetings are held at the park office.

Police Car 1B 2018.jpg

Fire, Police, Ambulance


The Wolcott Fire Department is a volunteer organization. There are currently 16 members on the roster. The Fire Chief is Kenny Burns.

The Wolcott Fire Department non-emergency telephone number is 219-279-2400


To contact Marshal Jared Baer or Deputy Wayne Winkler, please dial the following numbers:

For an Emergency call 911.

The Wolcott Police Department non-emergency telephone number is 219-279-2216 ext. 2

White County non-emergency number is (574)583-2251



The Town of Wolcott's Ambulance Service Director is Steve Young.

The Wolcott Ambulance non-emergency telephone number is 219-279-3131   

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