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Minutes for the September 27, 2021 - Public Hearing

Public Hearing

September 27, 2021

6:00 p.m

Town Hall

101 W North Street

Present: Council President: Michael Johnson Other:

Council Vice President: Cameron Emond George Blissett

Council Member: Jerry Lietz Michel Marchand

Council Member: Rex Pearson Thomas Bennett

Council Member: Darwin Miller Bill Brooks

Utility Clerk: Breanna Wood Saundra Gloss

Clerk Treasurer: Pamela Bennett

Town Marshal: James Herre

Deputy Marshal: Wayne Winkler

Part Time Deputy: Jared Baer

Fire Chief: Kenneth Burns

Council President Michael Johnson opened the Public Hearing with the Pledge to the flag.

Clerk Treasurer Pamela Bennett presented the 2022 Budget to the Council, after making some small changes to make it easier for everyone to read. Jared Baer expressed his concerns that remain over the budget. Town Marshal James Herre told the Council that his concerns do not lie within the overall budget, but that his concerns are over the line items in the budget. The Police Department wants to know why their budget for 2022 was shorted by $100,000 compared to previous years. Pamela explained that the Police Department is not losing any money because of the fact that there is so much money left over in their account from last year. Pam also stated that money that is currently existing in the account will not show up on the 2022 Budget lay out, which is why it looks as if the Police are not getting as much money. James Herre disagreed and stated that the extra money in the account does not transfer over to the Police account for the next year. Pamela explained to the Council that she cannot redo the budget, but that she can ask for a possible extension. A few residents expressed their concerns over the Police Department budget, and advised the Council to get their ducks in a row before approving the budget. After much discussion, the Council decided to table the budget. Council Vice President Cameron Emond made a motion to table the 2022 Budget. Council member Darwin Miller second the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

Council President Michael Johnson read an agreement made between Comcast and the Council. The agreement states that if Comcast damages any property during their digging process, then they have to fix it. The Town will not be liable. Council Vice President Cameron Emond made a motion to approve the agreement. Council Member Darwin Miller second the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

Council President Michael Johnson announced that Council needed to make a decision on whether or not to allow the Oktoberfest to have a beer garden. Clerk Treasurer Pamela Bennett informed the Council that she could not find any ordinance pertaining to alcohol. Council Member Jerry Lietz made a motion to approve the beer garden at the Oktoberfest. Council Vice President Cameron Emond second the motion. Motion carried 3-0 due to Darwin’s nepotism. George Blissett, Mainstreet President, then presented Mainstreet’s proof of insurance for the event.

Council Member Darwin Miller stated that he does not know how much longer he can volunteer to beautify the town. Darwin then suggested that the Council think about hiring a part-time person to take on the job. After little discussion, Council President Michael Johnson said that he would discuss the idea with Water/Street Superintendent Robert Thomas.

To end the Public Hearing, many people expressed their appreciation toward the Wolcott Police Department for all that they do.

Council Vice President Cameron Emond made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Council Member Darwin Miller second the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

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