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Minutes for August 4, 2020 - Council Meeting

Council Meeting

August 4, 2020

6:00 p.m

Town Hall

101 W North Street

Present: Council President: Michael Johnson Other:

Council Vice President: Cameron Emond Robert Bellucci

Council Member: Jerry Lietz Robin Foley

Council Member: Richard Lynn Leroy Simon

Council Member: Darwin Miller George Blissett

Clerk Treasurer: Pamela Bennett Randy Stearns

Deputy Clerk: Breanna Wood Karen Evans

Town Marshal: James Herre James Britt

Town Attorney: Jacob Ahler Heather Vandemark

Ambulance Director: Steve Young Larry Klink

Fire Chief: Kenneth Burns

Water/Street Superintendent: Robert Thomas

Wastewater Superintendent: Mitch Michal

Council President Michael Johnson opened the meeting with the Pledge to the flag.

Water Superintendent Robert Thomas reported that the Water Plant is running well and that him and Rob are discussing matters on the filter and the floor. He also reported that the new rotor for the gear box will arrive on Monday, August 10th for the Wastewater Plant.

Town Marshall James Herre presented his monthly report. He also reminded everyone that school for Tri-County starts on August 6th.

Council President Michael Johnson called upon Mitch Michal to introduce himself as the new Wastewater Superintendent. When asked how the job was going, Mitch replied ?So far, so good!?

Karen Evans made a report for White County Economic Development. She announced that there is a lot of construction on Highway 24, and that the foundation for the Sweetener Supply has been put in. In addition, Egglife is expanding their building. She also reported that there are two new inquiries for the Commerce Park.

Fire Chief Kenneth Burns reported that there was some maintenance done on some firetrucks. Pump three needs some work done to it. Kenneth is looking for a new truck engine, due to Pump five being out of service.

Robert Bellucci announced that the town has officially received a grant for the new Wastewater Plant. USDA gave us the green light for bids. There are forms that need to be filled out and sent to the EDA. Rob addressed the water pressure issue on Scott Street and is working on trying to get it fixed. Kenny Burns asked Rob if he has plans to replace the hydrants that were removed, and Rob said that he would take care of it.

Council President Michael Johnson announced that David Rogers will be signing off on all wastewater related issues until Mitch gets trained to do so himself.

Council Member Darwin Miller asked for permission to close off Burke Street between Fox Street and Randolph Street. Council Vice President Cameron Emond made a motion to close Burke Street. Council Member Richard Lynn second the motion. Motion carried 4-0 due to Darwin?s nepotism.

James Britt expressed concern over a building that looks like it is condemned. After little discussion, it was discovered that the building had been recently sold and was going to be fixed or torn down.

Randy Stearns let the council know that he bought a property near the Peoples Feed Mill and has plans to tear the house and trees down. The sidewalk will also be removed.

George Blissett reported that the Market Street Days was a success. The next Farmers Market will take place on August 29th and 30th. After little discussion, Council Member Richard Lynn made a motion to approve the dates of the August and September Farmer?s Market. Council Vice President Cameron Emond second the motion. Motion carried 4-0 due to Darwin?s nepotism with Main Street. Following up from July?s meeting, George told the council that Mainstreet had received almost $10,000 to fix up the old liquor store building. After some discussion, the council decided to give Mainstreet $5,000 to help them reach their goal of $20,000. Council Vice President Cameron Emond made a motion to give Mainstreet the $5,000. Council Member Richard Lynn second the motion. Motion carried 4-0 due to Darwin?s nepotism with Mainstreet.

Water Superintendent Robert Thomas announced that the street starting at Fourth Street going to the end of North Street will be getting paved at the end of August.

Council Member Richard Lynn made a motion to adjourn. Council Vice President Cameron Emond second the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

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