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March 7, 2023 - Council Meeting

Town of Wolcott Council Meeting

March 7,2023

6:00 p.m.


Darwin Miller, Jerry Lietz, Cameron Emond, Michael Johnson, Rex Pearson, Marilyn Maxwell, Janelle Hofstetter, Larry Klink, Matt Parsley, Steve Young, Betty Hoster, Matt Hall, Pat Culp, George Mathew, Michelle Earney, Janet Gross, Bob Thomas, Jeff Province, Marilyn Young, Margaret Hall, Lucy Hall, Hayley Dickson, Kenny Burns, Jarod Baer, Jacob Ahler and Pam Bennett

Open with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Approve minutes or memoranda of the following meetings: Feb 21,2023. Motion was made by Council Vice President Jerry Lietz, Council Member Darwin Miller second the motion. Motion carried 4-0

Approve the Financials

1. Department Heads reports:

Jeff Province: Wastewater/Stormwater-Old truck is out of the garage and fixed. The new Mower has been picked up and in storage. Had to buy a new E-Coli System and new Oven for the testing. Digester is not working properly so it is being drained and fixed.

Robert Thomas: Water/Street- The Hydrant on the corner of 4th and 24 has been moved. Anderson street had

some leaks that are fixed now. Water samples off of Anderson St came back very good. NIPSCO is going to

coming to fix a gas line.

Marshal Baer: Town Marshal- Car is out of the shop and ready to be sold. Will be enforcing the ordinance

for numbers on the houses.

Lori Bussell: Park Board- Matt Hall gave the report. Plans for 2023. Going to pave from Blake St to 4th.

Possibly the ballpark parking lot. Kim is going to be insulating the concession stand. Dropping the ceiling

in the shelter.

Steve Young Sr: Ambulance Director- No report

Kenneth Burns: Volunteer Fire Department- No report

Sandy Miller- RWCDC- No report

Janell Hofstetter KIRPC- No report

Michael J Johnson: WCEDC- There have been several inquiries about the Commerce Park. The businesses

needed to many acres or employed more people then could be employed in this area.

Jerry Lietz: Area Plan Committee- Had a round table. Talked about housing in White County. Gayle

Rogers talked about TIF and what impact it has on towns. White County Recycling will be relocating.

It will be South of the jail in Monticello.

Michelle Earney: Summer Festival Committee- The Sign that blew down on 231 will not be put back up at

this point

Marilyn Maxwell: Main St Committee- The Committee will be doing a Johnny Appleseed event for the

Children and planting a tree. Each student will be receiving an apple. There is going to be an Easter Egg

Hunt, April 8th. Main St will be adopting the Islands on Market St. The 4th graders are learning the history

of Wolcott. Bio Town and Bank of Wolcott are donating books about “Bobby the wonder Dog”.

There will be a tea party at the Wolcott House May 6th @ 1:00. The public is invited. The Wolcott House

can only hold about 50 people.

Jacob Ahler: Town Attorney- Working on the advertisement for the Pocket Park

Pamela Bennett: Clerk-Treasurer- Office staff will be going the 19th-24th to Clerk-Treasurer School.

Pam will be on vacation March 25-April 1

Old Business:

Robert Bellucci CommonWealth: 4th Street fire hydrant has been relocated.

The new 8” WM heading south toward DG has been connected to the existing 10” WM coming under the highway. When I spoke with Cameron last week, it sounded like restoration work still needed to be completed and the existing 2” temporary connection located at the south end of the new WM needed to be disconnected. I have not heard if the Contractor has completed the removal of the line across Janell’s property as of this email.

Darwin Miller- Street light outlet covers. Is trying to get two quotes.

Superintendent Pat Culp: update on the referendum.

New Business:

Matt Parsley Arborist: NIPSCO is going to be cutting down trees that are in the power lines.

There are some ash trees. NIPSCO will cut them down but will not dispose of these trees.

Bob and Jeff will be cleaning up the ash trees.

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