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June 6, 2023 - Council Meeting

Town of Wolcott Council Meeting

June 6,2023

6:00 p.m.

Town Hall

101 W North St.

Present: Shawn Cain, Darrel Orns, Janet Gross, Larry Klink, Michelle Earney, Bryan Hall, Michael Johnson, Donita Colebaugh, Travis Colebaugh, Betty Hoster, Steve young, Rex Anderson, Valerie Fredrick, Jacob Ahler, Mike Jordan, Becky Franklin, Bruan Tolen, Harrison Yelton, Pam Wolf,

Janell Hoffstetter, Peggy Howard, Cameron Emond, Renee’ Anker, Jeff Anker, Norma Anker,

Ed Anker, Ken Remenschnieder, Darwin Miller, Jerry Lietz, Pamela Bennett, Breanna Wood,

Jeff Province, Bruce Furrer Kenny Burns and Jerry Deno.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Public Hearing:

Ken Remenschneider- Presented the 5-Year strategic plan. The White County Area Plan is over all of the development of the 5-year Strategic plan. After Mr. Ken Presented the plan, Shawn Cain of KIRPC explained how the funding will work. The plan cost $54000.00 with a 25/75 match. She explained that the Plan had to be ok’s by OCRA before we could move forward. OCRA approved every aspect of the plan.

There was a rumor that this plan was going to be annexing and taking land from our farmers. Shawn did a great job explaining that this rumor is totally false. We have no interest in annexing or taking anyone’s land.

Resident Comments:

Janet Gross: Is there a way that we can look at the plan in depth? Shawn did let the people know that it will be on the website after it is adopted.

Kenny Burns: Voiced his opinion against the plan. He said the town is fine the way it is and doesn’t need to be changed. Shawn told Mr. Burns that she understands that change is hard on some people, but it is necessary to grow.

Michael Jordan: Where is all this information? Again, it will be on the website as soon as it is adopted.

He wants to know why things are getting done that need to be done and looks to do more projects.

Renee’ Anker: Communication bread down is what is going on in the town. She asked how long this plan is for and how long we can apply for grants? Shawn said the plan is for 10 years and the town can apply for grants for as long as the window is open.

Shawn Cain: Let the town know that there is a knew Safe roads study being done in 8 counties. This project is a study that is being done on streets and roads to see how the roads can be made safe. There are grants that can help to fix the dangerous roads.

Janell Hofstetter: Had three questions.

1. Market Street parking. The parking on Main Street is going from angled to Parallel. How many parking are going to eliminate? Janell was told that this is just a plan and may not work.

2. Civic Space: Is the town going to buy the land for Civic Space? Yes, or whatever will be better for the town.

3. Future Tourist: How is the plan going to bring in tourism? The Civic Space will have a farmers Market and a space for Special Musical events. This will bring in people from the area and outer parts that will normally not come to Wolcott.

Renee’ Anker: Will this plan include the fixing the streets, roads and sidewalks. The answer is yes along Market and part of Range St. There is a Community Crossing grant that will cover the other roads and sidewalks.

Jeff Anker: Are you annexing land? Shawn answered, No. She went on to say that she has never annexed or done eminent domain on anyone’s land and has no plans to do so. She said it is not done quickly. There are Public Meeting after Public meeting, and this has not taken place. Nor has any property owner been notified.

Council Vice President Jerry Lietz: Jerry is on the WCAP committee. He said there is a lot of rezoning going on in White County. It would take a lot to annex land.

Witco abatement. Read Resolution 2023-6-6

Gabba LLC abatement. Read Resolution 2023-6-7 Mr. Rex Anderson and Ms. Valerie Fredick presented the reason for the tax abatement. This will help to provide appropriately 50 more jobs to our area. The new equipment will do three more times production than it does at this time.

Council Vice President Jerry Lietz made the motion to grant the abatement. Council Member Michael Johnson second the motion. Motion passed 4-0

Council President Cameron Emond adjourned the Public Meeting.

Open Council Meeting:

Shawn Cain KIRPCI called for the council to adopt the Strategic Plan. Council Member Michael Johnson Made the motion to adopt the Strategic plan. Council Vice President Jerry Lietz second the motion. Motion carried 4-0

Approve minutes or memoranda of the following meetings: May 16,2023 Council Member Michael Johnson made the motion to approve the minutes. Council Member Rex Pearson second the motion. Motion carried 4-0

Approve the Financials:

1. Department Heads reports:

Jeff Province: Wastewater/Stormwater-Things are going well. Going to get quotes for Windows for the lab.

Robert Thomas: Water/Street-No report

Marshal Baer: Town Marshal-Car issues are ongoing. The department is in need of another vehicle. Ckerk-Treasurer Pam Bennett told the Council that the town received relief money that can be used to buy a new Marshal vehicle.

Lori Bussell: Park Board- No Report

Steve Young Sr: Ambulance Director-No Report

Kenneth Burns: Volunteer Fire Department-No Report

Sandy Miller- RWCDC- No Report

Janell Hofstetter KIRPC-There was 50th Anniversary celebration for KIRPC. Let us know about two grants that we can apply for for the Strategic plan.

Michael J Johnson: WCEDC-Presented several inquiries at the Commerce Park. Some of them are way to big for us to entertain. There is a lot of activity at Commerce Park. Randy Mitchel is retiring. His replacement is Randy Strausser.

Jerry Lietz: Area Plan Committee- The next meeting for WCAP is June 11, at the courthouse.

Michelle Earney: Summer Festival Committee- Pork Chop dinner is June 30th. Permits and everything needed to have the festival are approved.

Marilyn Maxwell: Main St Committee- Pothead people are being put out. Flowers and Flags are out. In September (TBA) there will be a Chicken Noodle Dinner.

Jacob Ahler: Town Attorney- No report

Pamela Bennett: Clerk-Treasurer- The Clerk-Treasurer staff will be attending Clerk Conference at the end of June.

Old Business:

Peddler Ordinance: Council Member Michael Johnson made a motion to pass the Ordinance. Council Member Rex Pearson seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0

New Business:

Bids on the barn: There were Four Bids for the barn. $2200.00, $600.00, $1500.00 and 1010.00. The bidder of $2200.00 will be contacted to let them know they won the bid.

Kimley-Horn: Approve Invoice #24868739 for $20,000.00. Council Member Michael Johnson made the motion to approve the invoice. Council Member Darwin Miller second the motion. Motion carried 4-0

Residents Danita and Travis Colbaugh: Travis asked for a sewage adjustment. Ordinance says we cannot do an adjustment for watering of grass and flowers. Since this is a new residential home, the Council would like to adjust their sewage. The adjustment will be from May 23-June 6. Council Member Darwin Miller made the motion to do a sewage adjustment for Colbaugh’s. Council Member Rex Pearson second that motion. Motion carried 4-0

Council Member Darwin Miller asked for an adjustment on his sewage as well. He said he is also watering his grass. Darwin went on to say that he is watering the plants that the Main Street planted with water from his house. Clerk-Treasurer Pam Bennett reminded Darwin that he has been told he can come to the town hall and get water. He said he knew this. Council Member Jerry Lietz made a motion to adjust Darwin’s water. Council Member Michael Johnson was thinking about what to do when Darwin said he “would go to the Wolcott House and get water.” Michael let him know that that is theft. He said, “well then I filled my pool.” Pam said, “you don’t have a pool.” He said, “yes I do.” Pam said, “That is a lie.” Council Member Michael Johnson, with hesitancy, seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0

Council President Cameron Emond Adjourned

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