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April 4, 2023 - Council Meeting

Town of Wolcott Council Meeting

April 4,2023

6:00 p.m.

Present: Joe and Gayle Rogers, Matt Parsley, Michelle Earney, Rex Pearson, Darwin Miller, Jerry Lietz,

Cameron Emond, Janet Gross, Sandra Gloss, George Matthew, Haley Dickerson, Chloe Dickerson, Robert Thomas, Betty Hoster, Steve Young, Jarod Baer, Kenny Burns, Jeff Province, Janell Hofstetter, Jacob Ahler.

Absent: Michael Johnson, Lori Bussell, Sandy Miller, Marilyn Maxwell.

Opened with Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Approve minutes of the following meeting: March 21,2023 Council Member Darwin Miller made the motion to approve the minutes. Council Member Rex Pearson second the motion. Motion carried 3-0.

1. Department Heads reports:

Jeff Province: Wastewater/Stormwater- Everything is going well. Cabinets should be on April 10th. Should be installed shortly afterwards.

Robert Thomas: Water/Street-Everything is going well.

Marshal Baer: Town Marshal- Running an ad for a Deputy Officer. Taurus is back in the shop. Council

Member Darwin asked Marshal Baer about camera’s that would read license plates for speeding tickets and

such. The cameras are expensive and cost $2000.00 a year per camera to run. Marshal Baer said that it is

not possible in his budget. There are cameras just outside of town in the county.

Marshal Bear talked about not being able to get down the alley’s during the storm due to no gravel being

Down. JR Northcutt is taking the extra shifts to help while in the search process.

Lori Bussell: Park Board- No Report

Steve Young Sr: Ambulance Director- No Report

Kenneth Burns: Volunteer Fire Department-Hydrant markers have been removed. The total of Hydrants

Are 72 hydrants and 4 blow off hydrants. The storm siren needs some work done. He talked about

Getting a new one. Council President asked if it would be possible to get new ones and put one on each end

Of town. Kenny is going to get quotes on new ones.

Sandy Miller- RWCDC-No Report

Janell Hofstetter KIRPC- No Report

Michael J Johnson: WCEDC-No Report

Jerry Lietz: Area Plan Committee-No Report

Michelle Earney: Summer Festival Committee- There is a fish fry April 14th. Free will donations

The proceeds go to the festival. There a flock my house fund raiser being planned.

Marilyn Maxwell: Main St Committee- Report given my Main St President Darwin Miller. The Easter

Egg hunt, and Johnny Appleseed activities are coming up. The tea party is full.

Jacob Ahler: Town Attorney- No Report

Pamela Bennett: Clerk-Treasurer- Let the Council know that there are a lot of changes coming. Clerk

Institute was good, over whelming and lots of information.

Old Business:

Robert Bellucci- Invoice#13 needs approved. The invoice is in the amount of $1811.97. Council Vice President Jerry Lietz made the motion to approve invoice#13. Council Member Rex Pearson second the motion. Motion carried 3-0

Darwin Miller- Street light outlet covers. Darwin tried to get two quotes but couldn’t get another one due to

Not getting call backs. D&K Electric gave a quote to do the outlet covers and labor for $1175.00. There are two

Outlets that keep blowing breakers so we are going to have D&K fix them as well. Council Vice President Jerry Lietz made the motion to have D&K install the covers and fix the outlets. Allowing up to $2000.00 for this project. Council Member Darwin Miller second the motion. Motion carried 3-0.

New Business:

Mrs. Gayle Rogers: Mrs. Rogers talked to the Council about a TIF district. After a lot of discussion. The

TIF plans are being put on hold for now.

Mr. Joe Rogers: Area plan is looking for two committee members for the new committees. One committee is for Subordinate Housing. If a resident in the country would want to build a new home on their property, there is a chance that that could not happen due to some of the laws. This committee is to help with the process. The second committee is for B-2. It is for a business owner to be able to have a house in the back if the business.

Matt Parsley with Arbor Metrics: NIPSCO is going to be trimming trees in the area. There will be a company coming behind them to finish cutting down the trees. The town will be responsible for cleanup. Jannell Hofstedder has people that will come and get the logs. Janell was asked to make sure they were bonded.

Council Member Rex Pearson made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Council Member Darwin Miller second the motion to adjourn. Motion carried 3-0

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