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October 4, 2022 - Council Meeting

Town of Wolcott Council Meeting

October 4,2022

6:00 p.m.

Present: Absent:

Sandra Gloss Jacob Ahler

Rex Pearson

Michael Johnson

Jerry Leitz

Darrel Orns

Bryce Wireman

Mrs. Wireman

Tom Bennett

Berenize DelReal

Will Clertz

Jasmine Culp

Michelle Earney

Larry Klink

Marilyn Maxwell

Marilyn Young

Cameron Emond

Darwin Miller

Pam Bennett

Abby Ewen

Jeff Province

Bob Thomas

Jared Baer

Opened with the pledge to the flag

Approve minutes or memoranda of the following meetings: September 6,2022 Council Member Darwin Miller made the motion to approve the minutes. Council Member Michael Johnson second the motion. Motion carried 4-0

1. Department Heads reports:

Jeff Province: Wastewater/Stormwater-Generator: going to be putting the Generator on Gov. Deals.

Council Vice President Jerry Lietz made the motion to sell the generator. Council Member Darwin Miller second the motion. Motion carried 4-0

The wastewater plant is wrapping up on construction. Going to be doing the final walk through

Very soon.

Robert Thomas: Water/Street- The paving on School Street, patch and pave through out town will be

Underway in the next week or so

Marshal Jared Baer: Town Marshal- Monthly report

Lori Bussell: Park Board- No Report

Steve Young Sr: Ambulance Director- No report

Kenneth Burns: Volunteer Fire Department-Gave NIPSCO the report on the power surge. NIPSCO

Rejected the claim. Turing over the claim over to insurance.

Sandy Miller- RWCDC and Food Pantry-Food pantry served 212 residents. We need volunteers!

Jenell Hofstetter KIRPC- No Report

Michael J Johnson: WCEDC-No Report

Jerry Lietz: Area Plan Committee- No Report

Michelle Earney: Summer Festival Committee- In the planning stages for the 2023 festival

Marilyn Young Main St Committee- Holiday Bazaar Nov. 19 8-3 @ TCI. Proceeds are going to the

Back pack program.

There is going to be a contest of who’s house is decorated for Christmas the best. 1st prize $400. 2nd prize

$300. 3rd prize $200. 4th prize $100. Sponsored by Brian Furrer

Jacob Ahler: Town Attorney- No Report

Pamela Bennett: Clerk-Treasurer- Adopt 2023 budget. Council Member Michael Johnson made the

Motion to adopt the 2023 budget. Council Member Rex Pearson second the motion. Motion carried 4-0

Old Business:

Robert Bellucci CommonWealth: I am still waiting on firm pricing for the fittings required to disconnect the existing 10” WM crossing under the highway from the existing 4” WM and redirect it to the new 8” HDPE WM installed by KDM’s sub. Pipe prices are all over the place it is difficult to get firm quotes on DIP fittings. The Contractor requested a sketch of the existing conditions to make sure they accurately priced what is required, which I have provided.

I have also requested the quote for removal of the line on Janell to be sent over separate from the rest of the scope in an effort to bring closure to that issue. Once I have that I will transmit to the group along with the cost previously paid to install the line in the first place (for comparison purposes). They were initially wanting to send me everything at once (ie connection to 10”; removal of pipe on Janell; installation of the remaining hydrants); however, in an effort to get things moving to completion I have requested separate pricing. As soon as I have this piece, I will send it to the group.

When I met them onsite, they indicated their schedule should open up in October. If for some reason it doesn’t, they indicated this effort should be something that could be knocked out over a couple of days if they were to be rained out on another site. My concern is they will be pricing everything up assuming they can knock it out in one trip (which is ideal for the Town); however, I would rather plan for the worse case which results in multiple trips to Town to complete everything requested.

At this point I want to avoid any surprises / adds to the pricing similar to what I am currently navigating through with KDM (Cameron, you and I still need to schedule a meeting with Kevin to discuss his remaining cost claim, close him out, and make him go away).

I will be working this weekend and continue to monitor emails and will transmit any and all information received regarding this initiative if and when it is received.


The Contractor has requested Substantial Completion on the original contract work. I am in agreement with their request and have instructed my inspector(s) to develop a DRAFT punch list. Once I have that list, I will transmit to the Town for review and request any additional items that we may have missed. I will assemble the Certificate of Substantial Completion and transmit it to Pam for approval at your meeting on Tuesday.

The next step will be to schedule a substantial completion walk-through with the Town, EDA, USDA, CEI, and the Contractor. Once completed, USDA will request the Town assemble a letter for use of remaining funds (the balance of our contingency $$). As a reminder, those funds are grant monies that you don’t want to give back. Items that I am aware of currently desired by the Town’s Utility staff include supplemental access to for DO sampling at the UV cascade aeration structure and upgrades to the existing laboratory / office building.

My project engineer is currently working with the waste hauler and landfill to finalize acceptance of the Town’s sludge so both dumpsters can be hauled, emptied, and new bags installed. The first sample of material pulled was too wet and didn’t pass the paint test (essentially when placed in a coffee filter liquid material still leaked through). My engineer will schedule a trip to the plant next week to obtain additional samples and transmit them to the lab.

Council Member Michael Johnson has volunteered to be the liaison between Robert Bellucci and the Council

Clerk-Treasurer Pamela Bennett talked about a Community Crossing grant for paving roads this is a matching grant. Ken Smith is will to help us get the grant. If the Council wants to go this route, we will need to approve the agreement. Council Vice President Jerry Leitz made the motion to approve the agreement. Council Member Michael Johnson second the motion. Motion carried 4-0

Salary Ordinance for 2023: Council Member Michael Johnson made the motion to pass the 2023 Salary

Ordinance. Council Member Rex Pearson second the motion. Motion carried 4-0

Revising of the employee handbook: Council Vice President Jerry Leitz made the motion to accept the

Revisions of the employee handbook. Council Member Michael Johnson second the motion. Motion carried 4-0

Council Vice President Jerry Leitz talked about the issue of dogs barking through the night in town. Town Marshal Jared Baer has talked to the owners and will talk to them again.

The emergency system is almost ready to be launched.

Water Superintendent Bob Thomas will get the info for the pipes underground for the study that is needed for the state.

Council Member Michael Johnson made the motion to adjourn. Council Member Darwin Miller second the

Motion. Motion carried 4-0

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