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The Town of Wolcott was founded by Anson Wolcott. Mr. Wolcott came to Princeton Township in 1858 and purchased over 3,300 acres of land. Three years later, he laid out and platted the town along the Pittsburgh, Chicago, and St. Louis Railroad. The streets were developed and were named: North, Johnson, Market, South, Anderson, and Scott Streets, all running east and west; and Range, Second, Third, and Fourth Streets, all running north and south.

With the Town of Wolcott being built along the railroad, buying and shipping corn became the main trade in the 1860’s. Wolcott and its surrounding areas soon became a prosperous farming community.

On May 3, 1873, the Wolcott community grew to such a big size that its citizens decided to form its first governing agency – an incorporated village. Its first officers were: Noble Nordyke, W.H. Dyke, and A.S. Pattee, Trustees; C.A. Rayhouse, Clerk; James D. Sherman, Marshal; J.F.Warner, Treasurer; and James O. Johnson, Assessor. However, with being incorporated, the village could not receive government funding so in May of 1875, the incorporated village was dissolved.

In 1889, the Town of Wolcott was re-incorporated. The officers included Henry Magruder, President; T.J. Bunnell and E.J. Dibell, Trustees; E.B. Dibell, Clerk-Treasurer; and Walker Smelser, Marshal. From then on, the town grew and prospered.

As of the 2010 census, it is recorded that Wolcott’s population is 1001.

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