Minutes for February 2, 2021 - Council Meeting2/2/2021

Council Meeting

February 2, 2021

6:00 p.m

Town Hall

101 W North Street


Present: Council President: Michael Johnson                                        Other:

    Council Vice President: Cameron Emond                              Rick Bennett

                Council Member: Jerry Lietz                                                      Robert Bellucci       

                Council Member: Rex Pearson                                                Sandy Miller

                Council Member: Darwin Miller                                                 Marilyn Young

                Utility Clerk: Breanna Wood                                                      Michelle Earney

                Town Attorney: Jacob Ahler                                                      Robin Foley

                Town Marshal: James Herre                                                     George Blissett

                Clerk Treasurer: Pamela Bennett                                             Leroy Simon

                                                                                                                        Janell Hofstetter


Council President Michael Johnson opened the Public Hearing with the Pledge to the flag.


Marshal James Herre presented his monthly report. The report stated ?After the Executive meeting, Police employment matters were discussed. A decision was made to hire fully certified part time employee who has worked here sense 2012. A member of this board took it upon themselves to go and talk to that Police employee. After that encounter, the employee has decided not to do as proposed. The department then hired Wayne Winkler as a full-time officer.?


Sandy Miller reported on behalf of the RWCDC. Sandy informed the Council about the Backpack Program at Tri-County High School. This program sends backpacks, filled with food, home to families in need.


Michelle Earney, President of the Fourth of July committee, asked for the Town to donate $2500 to help fund the summer festival. Vice President Cameron Emond made a motion to donate the $2500. Council Member Darwin Miller second the motion. Motion carried 4-0.


George Blissett reported on behalf of Mainstreet. George stated that the sign is up and going. Mainstreet is working on a public box under the sign for ad requests to put on the sign. Mainstreet will use the profits from the sign to benefit the Mainstreet program. George also stated that the old liquor store building was donated to Mainstreet. The project to fix up the building will take 3-4 years to complete.


Council President Michael Johnson presented the January minutes to the Council for approval. Council member Darwin Miller made a motion to accept the January 2021 minutes. Council member Jerry Lietz second the motion. Motion carried 4-0.


Robert Bellucci reported that the project on Second Street has fallen behind, due to the workers getting Covid-19. The project will be getting started on Tuesday February 2nd.


Robin Foley expressed her frustration about the fact that this project has taken such a long time to get started. Rob Bellucci apologized to Robin for all of the delays. The contractor working on the line, supplied Robin Foley and Leroy Simon with water to help get them through until the project is finished.


Council President Michael Johnson announced that the Town is looking for a volunteer to represent KIRPC. Janell Hofstetter volunteered.


George Blissett announced that there is a food drive on the first Tuesday of every month at Harvest Call, just north of town. Anyone can go to the drive, no questions asked, and receive a box of free food.


Town Attorney Jacob Ahler wrote up an ordinance for the Town regarding stick, tree, yard waste, and leaf pick-up. Council President Michael Johnson read Ordinance 2021-3 for approval. Council Vice President Camron Emond made a motion to approve Ordinance 2021-3. Council Member Darwin Miller second the motion. Motion carried 4-0.


Clerk Treasurer Pamela Bennett announced that White County Economic Development requested that the Town send them a $3200 contribution. Council Member Jerry Lietz made a motion to donate the $3200 to WCED. Council Vice President Cameron Emond second the motion. Motion carried 4-0.


Council Member Jerry Lietz announced that White County Area Plan needs volunteers for their Advisory Board.


Clerk Treasurer Pamela Bennett reported that she applied for a Safety Grant back in October. The Town was awarded an $8000 grant. The grant money is going to go toward giving the Police Department better bullet proof vests. All money left over from the grant will go toward the Street Department to update their safety needs.


Vice President Cameron Emond made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Council Member Darwin Miller second the motion. Motion carried 4-0. 

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