Minutes for September 1, 2020 - Public Hearing & Council Meeting9/1/2020

Council Meeting

September 1, 2020

6:00 p.m

Town Hall

101 W North Street


Present: Council President: Michael Johnson                                        Other:

    Council Vice President: Cameron Emond                              Robert Bellucci

                Council Member: Jerry Lietz                                                      Robin Foley

                Council Member: Darwin Miller                                                 George Blissett

                Clerk Treasurer: Pamela Bennett                                             Dan Fagen

                Deputy Clerk: Breanna Wood                                                   Daryl Orns    

                Town Marshal: James Herre                                                     Lori Bussell  

                Town Attorney: Jacob Ahler                                                      Heather Vandemark

                Ambulance Director: Steve Young                                           Marilyn Young

                Fire Chief: Kenneth Burns                                                         Dawn Blissett

                Water/Street Superintendent: Robert Thomas

                Wastewater Superintendent: Mitch Michal



Council President Michael Johnson opened the Public Hearing with the Pledge to the flag.


Council President Michael Johnson read Ordinance number 2020-07 for new rates and charges concerning the utility bills. The ordinance states that the meter deposit rate for renters will change from $150 to $200. There will also now be a meter deposit of $150 required for home owners. The ordinance also stated that the penalty rate of 10% will be changed to a flat fee of $15. The reconnection fee for customers who get their water turned off, will change from $25 to $50.


Clerk Treasurer Pamela Bennett presented the upcoming budget for 2021. Council Member Jerry Lietz made a motion to adopt the budget. Council Vice President Cameron Emond second the motion. Motion carried 4-0 due to Richard?s absence.


Council President Michael Johnson closed the Public Hearing and opened the Council Meeting.


Council President Michael Johnson presented Richard Lynn?s letter of resignation. The Council will have to appoint someone to take Richard?s place for the remainder of the year.


Wastewater Superintendent Mitch Michal reported that the ditch rotor has been fixed.


Water Superintendent Robert Thomas reported that he will be flushing hydrants in the next couple of weeks. He also reported that North Street will be getting repaved from Fourth Street to the dead end.


Marshal James Herre presented his monthly report and stated that one of the deputies will be out for a couple weeks due to surgery.


Fire Chief Kenneth Burns reported that pump five has been repaired.


Park Board President Lori Bussell stated that the park has plans to redo the basketball court and to widen the walking path. The park board is going to try to get all of the electric centralized instead of having multiple meters throughout the park. Lori thanked Greg Schneider and the donors, for making it possible to get new lights for the ballpark. Lori also reported that the park restrooms had been vandalized. Lastly, she let the board know that there will be a tractor pull in the park on October 17, 2020 for free admission.


George Blissett, on behalf of the Mainstreet Committee, announced that the Murals would be finished by Friday, September 4. There will be a dedication for the murals on Saturday, September 5. The Market Street Days was a success in August. The next Market Street Days will be taking place on September 19 and 20. George requested a private meeting with the council after September 8th to discuss buying the liquor store on the highway.


Town Attorney Jacob Ahler discussed the TIF districts. Jacob said that he would draft a resolution for the TIF districts. Jacob reported that he made out a confidentiality form for the Council Members to sign.


Clerk Treasurer Pamela Bennett said that a Capital Assets program was suggested by Keystone for the Clerk?s Office. Council Member Jerry Lietz made a motion to purchase the Capital Assets program. Council Member Darwin Miller second the motion. Motion Carried 4-0 due to Richard?s absence.

Pam reported that Keystone also suggested an outside backup program for the Clerk?s Office. Council Vice President Cameron Emond made a motion to purchase the backup program. Council Member Darwin Miller second the motion. Motion carried 4-0 due to Richard?s absence.

Pam presented Next Bill Pay to the Council. Next Bill Pay is a credit card processing program that only charges a 1% convenience fee instead of the 3% that PayGov charges. The new system will start up as soon as possible. Council Member Darwin Miller made a motion to purchase Next Bill Pay. Council Vice President Cameron Emond second the motion. Motion Carried 4-0 due to Richard?s absence.

Pam re-presented Serve Line to the Council. Serve Line is water insurance that will be offered to Wolcott?s residents and will be optional. After little discussion, the Council decided to table the subject until the next meeting.

Lastly, Pam presented the Council with the new and updated employee handbook.


Dan Fagan presented a new insurance plan to the Council. After much discussion, the Council decided to discuss it more in an executive meeting.


Robert Bellucci requested that the Wastewater Project invoices be given to him. Rob announced that the Dollar General Hydrants and the pipes on Second Street need to be replaced.


Council Vice President Cameron Emond made a motion to adjourn. Council Member Darwin Miller second the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

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