Minutes for May, 5, 2020 - Council Meeting5/5/2020

Council Meeting

May 5,2020

6:00 p.m.

Town Hall

101 W North St.


Present: Council President: Michael Johnson

                       Council Vice President: Cameron Emond

                  Council Member: Jerry Lietz

             Council Member: Richard Lynn

             Council Member: Darwin Miller

                       Wastewater/Stormwater Superintendent: Chad Reynolds

                       Water/Streets: Robert Thomas

                       Town Marshal: James Herre

                       Deputy Clerk: Breanna Wood

                       Clerk Treasurer: Pamela Bennett



Council President Michael Johnson opened the meeting with the pledge to the flag.


Approval of the April Minutes:  Council Member Darwin Miller made the motion to approve the minutes. Council Vice President Cameron Emond second Motion carried 5-0


Wastewater/Stormwater Superintendent Chad Reynolds: Updated the Council one parts for the wastewater system.


The Town is getting a new utility truck. Chad is dealing with Gutwein Motors in Monon.

After much discussion it was tabled and there will be an executive meeting to discuss the truck.


The tile under Foster Clapper Funeral Home has broken. Chad thinks they may have to bore under the funeral home to fix the problem and lay new tile. Chad is going to be getting three bids. This will be revisited in the executive meeting as well.


Dwyer Instruments: They are putting in a new line at the facility here in Wolcott. The line is going to cost approx. $400,000.00 and will employ 5-10 new jobs. Dwyer is asking for a tax abatement. After some discussion, Council Vice President Cameron Emond made the motion to pass the tax abatement,

Council Member Darwin Miller second Motion carried 5-0


Town Council Jacob Ahler: Presented an invoice from Barns and Thornburg for approval. The invoice was for title work for the wastewater project. In the amount of $511.00.

Jacob also presented an Ordinance for the wastewater project. Jacob recommended that these two things be approved.

Council Member Richard Lynn made the motion to approve both items, Council Member Darwin Miller second the motion. Motion carried 5-0


Water/Street Superintendent Robert Thomas: Wells are being cleaned. With Well #1 they found that the pump needs to be replaced. The pump will cost at the most $2,500.00. After very little discussion. Council member Richard Lynn made the motion to approve getting a new pump. Council Member Jerry Lietz second the motion. Motion carried 5-0


Council Vice President Cameron Emond: Would like to look into a Vac-Tron for the Town. This could cut expenses for the use of Accu-Dig company. The council asked if they would get prices. Tabled until the Executive meeting.


127 W Market: It was discussed if we could get some more bids for the fixing of the building. President Michael Johnson asked Clerk-Treasurer Pamela Bennett if we had the money to fix this problem? We do have the money but Pamela will have to get permission to move the money. Tabled until a later meeting.


Council Member Jerry Lietz:  Has been asked by residents if the water bill will go up due to the wastewater project. Council President Michael Johnson said he doesn?t think the project will impact the utility bills. He went on to say that we have been awarded a grant to cover the project.


Vice President Cameron Emond: Asked when the water was going to be run out to Dollar General.

It is going to be the end of the month.


Vice President Cameron Emond made the motion to adjourn.  Council Member Darwin Miller Second the motion. Motion carried 5-0

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