Minutes for April 7, 2020 - Council Meeting4/7/2020

Council Meeting

April 7,2020

Town Hall

101 W North St

Wolcott, Indiana 47995



Meeting was not open to the public due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.



Council President Michael Johnson

Council Vice President Cameron Emond                                     

Council Member Richard Lynn

Council Member Darwin Miller

Council Member Jerry Lietz

Clerk Treasurer Pamela Bennett

Deputy Clerk Breanna Wood


Council President Michael Johnson Opened with the Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of the March Minutes: Council Member Jerry Lietz made a motion to approve the March minutes. Council Member Darwin Miller Second the motion. Motion carried 5-0


Chad Reynolds: 1.   New sewer ordinances are done and will be in our possession soon


2.   Chlorine season is here at wwtp. Had to replace a 3/8? plastic suction line. Everything is working fine now



3.   If someone has yard waste and no means of getting it to the pile. The town red truck can be used. One of us will bring truck down and the home owner will fill the truck and as we sit and wait then we will go dump. 1 load per week


4.   Lagoon pipe was plugged at wwtp. Had Godlove in this week to assist. Pipe plugged with floating reeds.



5.   We had tile under funeral home jetted and camera. Tile is broken down under it favoring NW side to center. Getting price put together to bore through and pull new smaller tile back through old tile. 5? vs an 8? and hook back up to the 8?. Looking at possibly 150? of 5? tile.


After much discussion, it was decided to get bids and revisit at the May 5th Council Meeting



Marshal James Herre: He presented his monthly report


Town Attorney Jacob Ahler: VIA phone. Barnes and Thornburg LLP. Made an amendment to their fee in the agreement. They are our bond council for the wastewater project. The fee was increased to $37,500.00. Jacob recommended that we agree to the increase.

Council Vise President Cameron Emond Made the motion to accept the increase. Council Member Darwin Miller second the motion. Motion carried 5-0


Jacob presented a release for anyone working on the highway. After much discussion it was decided that no vote on the release needed to be taken. We do have the release available in the Clerk?s Office.


Clerk- Treasurer Pamela Bennett: Presented a price on much needed desks and a laptop for training and working from home. After very little discussion Council Member Richard Lynn made the motion to buy the desks and the laptop. Council Vice President Cameron Emond second the motion. Motion carried



A letter to the Residents of Wolcott, informing them of a few changes due to the pandemic, was ok?d to be sent out.


Council President Michael Johnson: Talked to County Commissioner, Steve Burton, about the Dollar General Project. There was concern that we would have to go through Mr. Don Furrer?s property to get the water and wastewater to Dollar General. The utilities will not be on Mr. Furrer?s property.


The utilities have not been started on the Dollar General project as of yet. Council President Michael Johnson is going to communicate with the project engineer as to the time line for the utilities to ran.  


Council Member Darwin Miller: wanted to know who was responsible for emptying the trashcans on Market St. We are going to check and see who is responsible.


Council member Darwin Miller talked about wanting to have a town clean up day. He got quotes from Advanced for 2 Dumpsters that are 6? tall with a door to open on the back. They will be $275.00 a piece and $42.00 a ton. This project is on hold until the Covid-19 crisis is over.


Council Member Richard Lynn made the motion to close. Council Vice President Cameron Emond second the motion. Motion carried 5-0

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