Minutes for March 3, 2020 - Public Hearing & Council Meeting3/3/2020


Town of Wolcott Public Hearing

Council Meeting

March 3, 2020

6:00 P.M.




1.      Let everyone know that the meeting is being live streamed and recorded


2.      Open with Pledge to the flag


3.      KRPCI Edwin Buswell : Library Grant update:

Expansion project grant. The library has applied to the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs Public Facilities Program for funding assistance for the building addition. The Town of Wolcott is the lead or the grantee and the library would be the sub-recipient since a government entity has to be the applicant.


Public meeting adjourns


Council Meeting Called to order


Approve Minutes and/or memoranda: January 7,2020 Council Meeting.

                                                              February 4,2020 Council Meeting


Approve the financial Reports for February 2020


1.      Departmental Reports

A.    Bob Thomas, Water & Street Department Supt.

B.     Chad Reynolds, Wastewater Department Supt.   

C.     James Herre, Town Marshal

D.    Ken Burns, Chief, Wolcott Volunteer Fire Dept.

E.     Steve Young, Director, Wolcott Ambulance Service

F.      Lori Bussell, Wolcott Park Board

G.    Karen Evans, White County Economic Development

H.    Sandy Miller: Remington Wolcott Community Development Corporation

I. Jacob Ahler: Town Attorney

J. Pamela Bennett, Clerk-Treasurer


Robert Bellucci Common Wealth:

J14112 - Water Project

1.)    USDA Form 440-11 / Estimate of Funds Needed= $60,517.55

2.)     Division A PPA13 = $21,797.20

3.)    Division A Change Order A-3 = $930.00

4.)    Division A Certificate of Substantial Completion


S18118 - WWTP Project

1.)    CEI Invoices Submitted Direct to White Co. for Payment Invoices 45714, 45915, 46092 = $150,799.29 for Final Design


C19054 - SUO Update

1.)    CEI Invoices 44744, 44693, 45715, 45911 = $5,552.00



Old Business:


Carey Jordan: Water Development Fees.  Amending the Ordinance.


Edwin Buswell: Update on where we are on the wastewater project Grant.




New Business:


Maps: Joe Rogers is wanting any changes or an approval on the maps


George Blissett:

1.)    Christmas Decorations: Who do they belong too and Who is responsible for them?

2.)    Old Train Depot

3.)    Old Railroad Barn

4.)    Tippecanoe Art Foundation: Murals


Darwin Miller:

1.)    Spring Cleanup: Date May 9,2020 Time: TBA


Janelle: Main Street

1.)    Farmer?s Market

2.)    Christmas Decorations


Comments and Questions: Please keep it brief and to the point.



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