Minutes for the October 1, 2019 - Council Meeting10/1/2019


October 1, 2019


The Council of the Town of Wolcott met Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Room of the Wolcott Town Hall for its regular stated meeting.


Council President Michael Johnson opened the meeting by asking all present to join in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.


Council Members Present

Council President, Michael Johnson, Members, Fred Young, Patrick Powell, Stephen Schemerhorn and Richard A. Lynn.


Council Members Absent: None.


In attendance were: Deputy Clerk Pam Bennett, Park President Lori Bussell, Commonwealth Robert Bellucci, Jerry Lietz,, Wastewater Superintendent, Chad Reynolds; Town Marshal James M. Herre; Darwin Miller and Town Attorney Jacob A. Ahler. Also present were: Advance Disposal Robert Pelly, Republic Services James Metros, Water Superintendent Robert Thomas, KIRPC Representative Edwin Buswell, Cameron Enmond, Renee? Anker, Waste Management Melinda Antell, Council Member Richard Lynn and Tammy Seward.


Open Meeting


KIRPC Grant Representative Edwin Buswell. Mr. Buswell talked about a USDA grant for $600.00. This grant is for the Wastewater project. Need to have paperwork in by Nov 22,2019. The grant will be awarded January 2020.


Robert Bellucci Representative for Common Wealth, Town of Wolcott approached the County to see if they can help with the wastewater plant for Commerce Park. The town would need to contribute $3.2 Million. Construction will be on the existing site. Will have the capacity of 200,000-600,000 gallon


Member Fred Young made the motion to adopt the grant. Member Patrick Powell second the motion. Motion Passed 4-0


Ordinance A38: The ordinance has been amended to include Micro Farming: CH4 specific use Classification & Provisions: 4.3 Accessory use Provisions: 4.3.2 Domesticated animals, 4.3.3 Exotic Animals & 4.3.4 Livestock Animals & Bees: CH14 Definitions.


Member Fred Young made the motion to amend the Ordinance. Member Steve Schemerhorn Second the Motion. Motion approved 5-0




Council President Michael Johnson asked for a motion to approve the minutes and/or memoranda for the following meetings:

         July 2,2019 Council Meeting

         July 29,2019 Executive Session

         July 29,2019 Special Session

         August 6,2019 Council Meeting

         August 15,2019 Public Hearing ? Budget Year 2020

         August 19, 2019 Special Session


Council Member Steve Schemerhorn moved to approve the aforementioned minutes and/or memoranda as read; Council Member Fred Young seconded the motion, and the motion passed 4-0.


Departmental Reports


Water Superintendent Robert Thomas reported that the water department is doing great at this time. Paving will be taking place on North St.-4th St. to dead end.

Darwin Miller asked if we have a leaf vac. The town does have a leaf vac. Bob said it is scheduled to be out soon getting the fall leaves.


Darwin Miller also asked about limbs in town. Bob told him they pick up limbs on Mondays.


Wastewater Superintendent Chad Reynolds Sewage is going well. Commonwealth has installed a flow meter to see where there is a large flow. Couldn?t read it due to not having enough rain. Now that we have had 3? of rain, Commonwealth will pull the flow meters to see where the heavy flow is coming from and correct the issue.


Wastewater Superintendent Chad Reynolds  presented a quote for street paving and grinding from Town & Country Paving in the amount of $25,380.00.


Member Steve Schemerhorn made a motion to approve the proposal for the paving. Member Fred Young Second the motion. Motion passed 4-0


Town Marshal Jim Herre Resource Officer: The new Resource Officer, Andy Lanoue, will be starting in November. The Tri-County School Cooperation will be responsible for 70% of Andy?s wages and benefits. The town will be responsible for 30% of the wages and benefits. The breakdown will be: Tri-County School Cooperation $4538.25; Town $1352.58 per month.


Marshal Herre wants to know if it would be okay for him to pay his Deputy Marshal overtime. The Council told him as long as it was in his budget that it was fine. Marshal Herre didn?t have to ask the board but wanted to keep the Council informed.


Following up on the property ordinance: Town Attorney Jacob Ahler said that letters were only going to go so far and then you will have to file a civil suit. Mr. Ahler is willing to file whatever the Council would like to resolve the issues.


Darwin Miller asked about a tree ordinance. There is a lot of dead trees next to the sidewalks. Council said that it is the responsibility of the property owner. Jacob Ahler said that, if it is dead and close to a powerline, that NIPSCO will come and cut the tree down at little to no cost. 


Wolcott Volunteer Fire Department Ken Burns, Fire Chief October 6-12 is Fire Prevention Week. There will be a Volunteer Firemen going into the schools to talk to the students about the safety of fire. There will be an ad put in the paper about how dry it is, so the residence and farmers are aware to be careful in the fields. There will also be fliers put at the grain elevators. The fire trucks were all serviced. Rescue truck #3 had to have springs replaced at the amount of $739.00. Truck was out of service for 2 days.


Wolcott Park Board President Lori Bussell They are moving on to try and get the lights and poles at the ball park, set and installed. Lori asked what her budget was for 2020. Pam Bennett, Deputy Clerk, told her 77,750.00. She asked how soon she would be intitled to the money in 2020. Pam Didn?t know the answer but would get back to her with an answer.


Clerk-Treasurer Report - Pam Bennett reported for Linda Bajzatt. Pam talked about the ribbon cutting at EggLife, October 6,2019 @ 11:30 a.m. She needed to know how many were going to attend so that Egglife can prepare for lunch. There will be six from the town attending.


Meet the Candidate Night: The town would like to have a Meet the Candidate Night at the Community Building on Tuesday October 15, 2019 or Thursday, October 17,2019. Jenell Hofstetter made the comment that there may be Zoning meeting in Monticello for Dollar General on Oct 15,2019. President Michael Johnson asked to check and see if the Community Building is available October 21,2019 so the Clerk?s office will be able to attend.


Old Business:


Adoption of the 2020 Budget: President Michael Johnson asked for a motion to be made to accept the budget for the year of 2020.


Member Fred Young made the motion to accept the 2020 budget. Member Steve Schemerhorn second the motion. Motion passed 4-0


Renee Anker Building Repairs: Jacob Ahler addressed that the Council is getting an engineer to come and assess the building so the town will know what needs to be done. Member Steve Schemerhorn let the Council know that there is a structural egineer coming to advise the Council how to proceed.


Water Improvement Project Vince Sommers: Al Strong, Robert Bellucci, Sarah Prizio-Commonwealth Engineers: Robert Bellucci: Rapping up the water project. Sara will be at the construction meeting, October 2,2019.


Robert Bellucci was needing the following claims, no. 8, approval as per pay request:


Reynolds Construction: Claim in the amount of $6,428.53 withheld retainage of $4,548.87 at 90% completion. 30 frames on the outside of the pit were fixed


Member Richard Lynn: made the motion to pay the claim for Reynolds Construction. Member Patrick Powell  Second the Motion. Motion Passed 4-0


TGB Unlimited, INC: Claim in the amount of $195,303.70 withheld retainage of $10,279.14 at 87% completion.


Member Steve Schemerhorn: made the motion to pay the claim for TGB Unlimited, Inc. Member Fred Young Second the motion. Motion passed 4-0.


Mid-West Meter: Claim in the amount of $30,292.65 with a retainage of $1,594.35.


Member Steve Schemerhorn made the motion to pay the claim to Mid-West Meters. Member Fred Young Second the Motion. Motion passed 4-0


Post Change Order: Meter contract M-2. Town of Wolcott as a credit of $1,216.00

Member Fred Young made the motion to accept this Change of Order. Member Richard Lynn Second the Motion. Motion Carried 4-0


Change of Orders A-1: There is a need for additional gravel at the water plant. Needing to replace 6?X150? strip of grass with 4? of Gravel at the cost of $3,660.00.


Member Fred Young made the motion to approve the laying of gravel at the water plant. Member Patrick Powell Second the motion. Motion Passed 4-0


Change of order B-3:  Extend the waterline down Winter St. 4? pipe. Because of the unknown chemical, that was found, there is an additional charge of $2,138.40.

Member Fred Young made the motion to connect the water popes, maintain the water system and replace all the water lines. Member Steve Schemerhorn Second the motion. Motion Carried 4-0.


New Business:


Agreement between the Town of Wolcott and BakerTilly Municipal Advisors-proposed System Development Charge. Estimated cost $6500.00. Jacob Ahler did not see any issues with the rate study as far as legality was concerned. Council tabled this issue and will have a special session at a later date.


Member Steve Schemerhorn made a motion to table this issue until a special session could be called. Member Fred Young Second the motion. Motion passed 4-0.


July 31- August 31 Commonwealth was paid $9000.00.

September 30 Commonwealth was paid $39,637.57 Assets firm at $5,909.08.


Trash Bids for 2020,2021,2022:



Republic Service: Bid is for monthly cost of $6,971.75. Annually for $83.661.00. Breaks down to $17.65 per unit monthly. With the count being 395 households. Can only have one large item per week., Will supply bins, they do not do recycling


Advanced Disposal: Bid is for monthly cost of $4,140.00. Annually for $49,680.00. Breaks down to @10.48 per unit 2020, $10.48-year 2021, and $10.87-year 2022. Alternate spring cleanup: $5,000.00 2020 and 2021, $5,500.00-year 2022. Will pick up one large item a week. Does not do recycling.


Waste Management: Bid for 2020 monthly cost of $6,813.75. Annually for $481,765.00. $17.25 per unit a month. Year 2021: Monthly cost of $7,358.85 Annually $88,306.20. $18.63 per unit. Year 2022 Monthly cost $7,947.40.


Member Fred Young: made the statement that advance was the cheaper company. Deputy Clerk Pam Bennett said that they are easy to communicate with and p lite. Member Steve Schemerhorn said that the driver was extremely nice and an all-around great guy.


Member Patrick Powell: mad the motion to accept the bid from Advanced Disposal for the years 2020-2022. Member Steve Schemerhorn second the motion. Motion passes 5-0



Opened the floor for Public Comments and Questions:


Main Street Committee: They are in the process of getting a sign to keep the residence informed of the happenings of the town and surrounding towns. They are asking the town for a donation of $200.00 toward the sign. Would like to either put the sign in the front yard of the Town Building or next to the Bank of Wolcott, when that building is torn down. Looking to have the Librarian take care of the keeping the sign updated. Looking to have the reader sign by April or May of 2020. Council tabled until November 5 Meeting.


Main street committee is going to have a Trunk or Treat along Market Street. Needed approval to shut down the street from 5-9, October 31, 2019.


Main street Committee was asking if there was anything legal that the town could do to lease the park? They could get grants if park was owned by the town. Is there anything that can be done? Jacob Ahler said that as long as both parties agree the can. There needs to be a release of the lease to get that done. Jerry Lietz said that the lease will not be up until 2050. The park is owned by the Township and the Historical Society. Renee? Anker asked if they could move the park? President Michael Johnson said the only land was Anker land. Did Renee? think we could get some of that land? Jenell Hofstetter asked if we could get land to have a true town park so we can get grants. George Blissett why are we widening the walking path if we don?t own the land? George went on to say that it is nuts for the town to keep putting money in the park if they don?t own it because if it is ever sold hen the owner will get a profit due to the upgrades and money put in to the property. Tammy Seward said that Township owns the park and the Wolcott house belongs to the Historical Society. President Michael Johnson asked if Renee? had talked to Tom Bajzatt about applying for a grant? Renee? said she thinks it should be town representative to speak with Tom Bajzatt.


George Blissett: Asked if the town has a Street Sweeper? Chand told him, Yes, we have one. He presented the board with pictures of the sidewalks along Market Street. He is purchasing the Wolcott Enterprises building and would like the bench in front of his store moved to the pocket park on Market Street.


George Blissett asked if the Railroad owned the property at the corner of Market and Burke St. The railroad does own the property. He would be like to get a hold of the railroad to see if the railroad would be wiling to rent the building for a dollar a year. The committee is willing to rent the building and fix it up for storage for the holiday decorations.









There being no other business, the accounts payable register was approved and signed.



Member Steve Schemerhorn made the motion to adjourn. Member Patrick Powell Second the motion. Motion passed 4-0


Next Council Meeting will be Tuesday, November 5,2019 at 6:00 p.m.




 /s/ Michael J. Johnson                                               /s/ Stephen B. Schemerhorn                            

Michael J. Johnson, Council President                         Stephen B. Schemerhorn, Council Vice-President


/s/ Fred A. Young                                                       /s/ Richard A. Lynn                                        

Fred A. Young, Council Member                                Richard A. Lynn , Council Member




/s/ Patrick M. Powell                                                 

Patrick M. Powell, Council Member                          /s/ Pamela D. Bennett                        

                                                                                    Pamela D. Bennett




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