Resolution No. 2018-02 Declaratory Resolution1/2/2018



WHEAREAS, the Town Council of the Town of Wolcott, Indiana, deems it necessary and desirable, in order to efficiently and economically conduct the business and affairs of said Town to:


A.     Establish a time for regular meetings and a procedure for calling Special Meetings    of the Town Council; and

     B.  Authorize the Clerk-Treasurer to invest and re-invest any monies of the Town in obligations authorized and in the manner provided for by

I.C. 5-13-4-1; and

     C.      Authorize payments of on-going utility and prior contracted services necessary to secure discounts and avoid penalties,


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Town Council of the Town of Wolcott, Indiana, that:


1.  Regular meetings of the Town Council for the transaction of any and all business shall be held in the Wolcott Town Hall located at 101W. North Street, Wolcott, Indiana, at 6:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month, unless a holiday or unforeseen event should occur, and then the meeting will be changed and proper notice will be given. Special Meetings shall be held in the Town Hall, or other location named, and may be called by the President or by three (3) Council Members in accordance with the provisions of applicable Indiana law.

2.    The Clerk-Treasurer is hereby authorized to invest and re-invest any money of the Town which shall not be needed for current operations or for payment of indebtedness becoming due prior to the maturity of said investments, in such investments and in such manner as is authorized by l.C. 5-13-4-1.

3.    Notwithstanding the fact the Town Council shall not have approved a claim, the Clerk-Treasurer is authorized to issue payment of previously approved contractual services and purposed where such payment is a condition to the availability of the service or is made to obtain a discount or avoid a penalty or service charge, subject to expenditure by law.

PASSED IN AN OPEN MEETING THIS 2nd  day of January, 2018.



                                                                                                                  Michael. J. Johnson Council Member
                                                                                                                   Stephen Schemerhorn, Council Member
              Town of Wolcott



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