Resolution No. 2017-13 Temporary Housing Structures6/9/2017


Resolution Allowing for Temporary Housing Structures

within the corporate limits of the Town of Wolcott.

            BE IT RESOLVED by the town Council of the Town of Wolcott, State of Indiana,

that it is desired and deemed necessary by the Town to allow property owners within

the corporate bounds of the Town of Wolcott to permit those employed with the Meadow

Lake Wind Farm, to temporarily erect campers and RV's on their property according to

the following terms:

            I.          That the tenant utilizing the temporary housing unit is currently employed

                        in construction work for the Meadow Lake Wind Farm and in need of

                        temporary housing.

            II.         That no more than two temporary housing structures shall be permitted

                        upon a parcel of property within the corporate boundaries in the Town of


            Ill.        That the temporary housing structure shall not be erected after the

                        Meadow Lake Wind Farm completes phase V of the windmill erection

                        project and all existing structures must be removed from the property after

                        said completion of phase V.

            IV.       That a property owner shall be responsible to pay an additional $9.75 for

                        trash collection fees for each temporary housing structure on his or her


            V.        That each temporary housing structure be erected on either pavement or

                        a bed of gravel.

            VI.       That erection of a temporary housing structure(s) shall not violate any

                        Town Ordinance, state law or federal law.

The Council of the Town of Wolcott, Indiana, hereby adopts Resolution No. 2017-13

herein above set forth permitting the temporary housing as described in said Resolution.

Passed by the Wolcott Town Council this 5th day of September
, 2017.

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