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10/17/2017Resolution No. R2017-19 Additional Appropriations
Additional Appropriation Resolution for 2017 Budget
10/3/2017Ordinance No. 2017-18 Establishing Local Road And Bridge Grant Fund
10/3/2017Ordinance No. 2017-17 For Appropriations and Tax Rates
9/5/2017Resolution No. R2017-16 Reduce Appropriations
Resolution to Reduce Appropriations for the Budget Year 2017.
6/21/2017Ordinance No. 2017-15 Amending Zoning
An ordinance amending the unified zoning ordinance of White County, Indiana
6/20/2017Resolution No. 2017-14 Mitigation Plan
Adopting White County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan.
6/9/2017Resolution No. 2017-13 Temporary Housing Structures
Resolution Allowing for Temporary Housing Structures within the corporate limits of the Town of Wolcott.
6/8/2017Ordinance 2017-12 Amending Stormwater Flat Assessment Fee
Amending the Billing Cycle, Flat Assessment Fee and Parcel Considerations of Ordinance No. 2013-03, which Amended Ordinance No. 2012-02 Establishing the fee.
6/7/2017Resolution No. 2017-11 Rezoning
White County to rezone specific properties within the Wolcott Town limits.
6/6/2017Ordinance No. 2017-10 Ameding Sidewalk Ordinance
An Ordinance to Establish a Sidewalk Fund
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